Monday, February 3, 2014

Helmikuu 2014!

Well, it's officially February! That month sure flew by, but we had a a great week this past week! It started out on Monday with a new investigator! She's a woman we met on the street a while ago and we were finally able to meet with her. She's been in the hospital with a brand new baby, but now she's home and ready to learn about the gospel! Very exciting for us! 

On Tuesday we were able to meet with a very nice less-active lady and her family. We showed her the "come unto Christ" video and she loved it! I still tear up every time and I just love how fast that music brings the spirit.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the Jyväskylä symphony! They were having a free rehearsal and a ton of members from our ward went so we used some Pday time and joined them! It was awesome! And I loved going to something that I 100% understood because music is the same in every language! Then, that night, we traveled out to a member's house for dinner. They invited us and two recent converts to come to and we had an awesome lesson about the restoration. The 3 members we were with were all converts and it was just so amazing to hear their stories and how their prayers were answered. 

On Thursday we had kinda a disappointing day. We had 3 lessons set up with our investigators we found last week and we had 3 members lined up to come with us. This rarely happens, so we were so excited! But then, for some reason, all three lessons fell through. Well shoot. So, we talked to a lot of people on the street and did some tracting and still made the day productive!

Friday and Saturday were fairly normal days too. We had TWO meals with members on Friday (that's a lot of food...) but it's always delicious so I guess I don't mind! 

But then came Sunday! Always the best day of the week :) We had another lesson fall through on Friday and then another one again on Sunday. well shoot. For some reason we couldn't meet with 5 of our investigators this week... well, the Lord sure is creative, and he gave us 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS. Yep, those 5 lessons didn't work out, but we found 5 more! So yep, I definitely learn more and more each week that the Lord has a much bigger plan for us and all of this work that I should just follow the spirit and remember everything will work out. So, we were kinda thinking it wasn't a very good week until we sat down Sunday night to total up all our numbers and call them in to our District Leader and we realized the Lord had definitely blessed up significantly! We just needed to take a moment to count (literally) our blessings! They're always there, I promise! A lot of these investigators came from Sister Lund's and I's new rededication to talking with everyone. On every bus, on every street corner, everyone we pass. Because we pray for the Lord to put someone in our path every day, then we better be willing to go talk to them! 

So, a couple of months ago we had a zone conference where President Rawlings presented us with some numbers of how many lessons we have to teach and people we have to talk to to get one baptism. It came out to something like 312 significant contacts with people will yield one baptism (On average for Finland). Well our ward here in Jyväskylä has the goal to have a baptismal service every month this year, which means we (as a companionship) has to talk to 312 people before that can happen! That seems kinda overwhelming, but Sisar Lund and I decided that that's 10 significant contacts a day. If we can help 10 people have a positive experience with the church and learn something about it every day this month, we'll have a baptism! So that's our goal! We started February 1 (Saturday) and the past two days have been great! So we're excited to see where the Lord will take us!

So overall, a great week :) It always is when you're a missionary :) I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for your encouragement and support and love! I couldn't do it without you! I'm praying for you and I hope you can feel that all the way from Finland!
Sisar Crandall
Reindeer breakfast sandwiches at the smoothie place we always go to. 
Lots of people skating and skiing on the lake! It's so cool!

Sorry, not a lot of pictures this week, sometimes I just forget...

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