Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Week in the Great City of Helsinki!

Minun Perheeni ja Ystävini,

I do not even know where to start this week! And I don't have a lot of time so here goes:

Well, I guess I'll start with TRANSFERS! On Monday I sent Sisar Curtis off on a train up to Lahti and then picked up my temporary companion Sisar Nielson. We were in the MTC together and she's the other sister who is training this time so we were together for the rest of Monday and Tuesday until we picked up our trainees. All morning Tuesday until about noon we were in a trainers meeting and then we met our trainees! There were only 2 sisters who came in with this group and President accidentally let it slip where one of the sisters was serving so I knew who I was with before it happened so that was a fun and exciting day! So my new companion is SISAR JOHNSTON! She is awesome! Man, they really do call some of the best sisters to Finland don't they? She's lived in Saudi Arabia for all of high school for her dad's work so she can speak Arabic (Joseph, cool huh?) And it messes with her Finnish sometimes so that's always fun. Speaking of Finnish, she is amazing! WAY better than I was when I came into the country! And she's such a good missionary! She's already taught full lessons to people on the tram which is something I struggled to do for a couple months. So yeah, we're basically equals and she really is pre-trained. She's awesome and we get along great and she's so eager to work and serve and get out there and I love it! She has some awesome ideas for working with the members here and this transfer is really going to be a good one. Oh, Sisar Johnston also spoke in church on her first Sunday here and did amazing! I didn't help her prepare her talk at all and it was so good! Her language was impeccable, but even more impressive was her ability to testify. All the members felt the spirit and came up and thanked her afterwards and it really is sisters like her that help members trust and love the missionaries.

Well, We also got a new investigator this week. Her name is B and she used to be the other sisters investigator and then she moved right next to our apartment so now we're teaching her. She had a boyfriend who she lived with who was a LA member and she wanted to get baptized but he didn't want to marry her so she moved out! So that just shows how much faith she has right there! We're super excited to meet with her some more and teach her and now there's nothing stopping her from being baptized so we're really excited! 

Our other most-promising investigator, V, is also doing really well. We had a great lesson with a member last week and she invited the member to come to the next lesson as well because she liked her so much! So we're really excited to help both of these women progress and come closer to Christ.

This week wasn't all daisies and rainbows though. We had 2 investigators drop us so our teaching pool has diminished quite quickly. So this week we're really focusing on finding. We're using the Book of Mormon and the Palautus (restorations) pamphlet and DVD a lot more in our contacting approaches because a lot of the Finns have heard about "Mormons" But it's just a random name to them and they know nothing about the Book of Mormon itself. So we're here to tell them about it! So I'll let you know how that goes! 
I've also really been focusing on making my prayers more meaningful. It's sometimes tempting to just mumble a quick prayer and then hop into bed because I'm so tired, but I've had to literally schedule in time to pray and start getting ready for bed earlier so that I'm not rushed with my prayers. And it really has made all the difference. My testimony has definitely been strengthened as my companion and I focus on praying always. ESPECIALLY FOR EACH OTHER! I've come to realize that when I pray on the behalf of others (like my companion) my prayers are more meaningful. So, make time to talk to your Father in Heaven. He's always there to listen, I promise.

Well that's all for this week! The weather has gotten significantly warmer! I sometimes wear my lighter fall jacket, but I didn't have to even wear a jacket today! Just a little cardigan and I was fine! So yes, everyone here is much happier and a lot more willing to talk to us since the sun is out and I love it! Sisar Johnston and I also go running every day so that helps us both have a lot more energy too.

So yes, life is well. Lots of ups and downs this week, but somehow we always end up on top. I bet there's a gospel principle in that somewhere... Well I love you all! Have a most wonderful week!


Sisar Crandall

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