Monday, September 16, 2013

Things They Don't Teach You in the MTC - One Month Reflections

Well I've been in Finland for almost a month now and boy oh boy have I learned a lot! I've also learned that there are a lot of things they don't teach you in the MTC. Here's just a short list of what I've come up with:
How to use a toilet in Finland
How to read a map in Finnish
How to use a bus card in Finland
How to weigh and sticker your fruit at the grocery store
How to check-out in Finnish
How to react when people open the door wearing no pants (apparently this is a very common thing)
How to react when a drunk person throws up on the bus near you
How to cover for your companion when she's throwing up at a Dinner Appointment
How to open doors (this one still gets me every time)
How to work with Elders in your district
How to deal with not getting mail on Saturday
How to order food at restaurants
How to read Swedish
That when you order Pepperoni Pizza, it is actually a Pepperoni and Tuna Fish Pizza.

Well all of these life lessons have very interesting stories behind them and they're things I now know. haha But after being out in the field a month there are some lesson that I've really learned. 
The first one is the Lord's timing. I can't even explain it sometimes but it's so cool! Like there was this Less-Active in our ward we've been trying to work with and get a hold of and we couldn't reach her but then we got off the bus and there she was just sitting right there! Way cool! We were able to teach her and invite her to a YW activity and it was just great! Especially considering that we don't usually take that bus. And another time we were going to visit a potential investigator and on the way we ran into our referral (like literally, she almost hit us on her bike) and we were able to talk to her and set up a return appointment and it was awesome. And we were both way far away from where we live so we didn't expect to see her but the Lord led us right to where we need to be!
I've also learned that the gift of tongues is real. I know all foreign missionaries say that but come on, this is Finnish here, so it must be true. Like last week a Young Adult in our ward brought her friend to church. We didn't know she was coming so we were a little unprepared but somehow I ended up sitting with her in sacrament meeting which was awesome. I told her to let me know if she had any questions and she asked something and the only word I understood was "white" And I though Oh shoot, I have no idea what she's talking about! But then somehow I got the idea oh, she's probably talking about the while sheet at the front of the chapel. So I just assumed that was the question and explained all about the sacrament. It was pretty cool for me to see that I can understand the sentence by not understanding every word in it. Not sure if I'm just a good guesser, but I've definitely spoken and understood way beyond my normal capability with the Lord's help.
I've also learned that it sure helps to be happy! The days are pretty cold and very foggy here already and it's so funny how simply saying Hello to someone brightens their day! And mine! So I'm grateful that it's become easier to be happy and then I have companion that support me.
So overall, life is great :) Nothing to complain about here! We're teaching more and more, little by little, each week and the work continues to move forward no matter how much the Finns try to resist it haha. 
I got a letter from Mom and Dad and Camille this week so thanks for all the love and support! And huge shout out to CAMILLE! Holy cow you're gorgeous! Where'd you get that dress!? I just loved seeing all the pictures so thank you so much!! You're awesome :)
Well anyway, I hope all is well at home. Life sounds crazy, but I'm praying for you all! Especially Melissa! I love you all so so much! 
Till next week,
Kirkko on totta!

Sisar Crandall

The main bridge all lit up at night

A cute little sauna - they are everywhere

These little mushrooms are all over, too.

Sisar Baliff and Kathryn on the Bus

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