Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello There from Sisar Crandall!

Well, not much time to email this week but here's what's new!

Monday was Sisar Dayton's birthday and I enjoyed some wonderful reindeer meat pizza! haha It's actually not that weird and kinda tastes like Tuna Fish, but not as fishy. We also had a great American family in the ward have us over for fhe and celebrated her birthday with a very American chocolate chip pumpkin cake. yum :)

Tuesday we had zone conference and traveled to Tampere for it! We have a new Zone Leader and we're excited to see where the work goes here in the middle part of Finland!

This week has been a pretty up/down one (they usually are on a mission). We've had some amazing experiences with less actives and youth. We also really had the members step up to help us out this week and went on splits multiple times (it's easy to do that with a threesome). However, now the thing we're struggling with is getting the investigators to meet. Three times this week we had a member there and a lesson scheduled and everything was great and the investigator didn't show up or answer the door or something like that. So now we just need all of our member work and investigator work to coincide and take place in the same week and we'll be set!

Well, the good thing with all these splits is that I go out with Sisar Dayton every time (my companion who's been out the same amount of time as me). So we're becoming a lot more confident in the work and in the language since we don't have our trainer with us to cover in case we don't understand. So hopefully we'll be okay when she leaves! (which is next week btw). I also could possibly be in another city or companionship next week so anything that won't get to me by the 18th just wait to send. I'll let you all know next P day!

Well, Christmas has started here in Finland already. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving, obviously, so it jumps to Christmas as soon as Halloween is over. There's snow and lights and Santa and everything already and I just love it! Finns are very proud of their Christmas here and if you ask anyone what their favorite thing to do during Christmas time they'll all say "syödä" "eat" So hopefully I'll be able to make it through this season!

There's also a newspaper here called the Ilta Lehti and it had a HUGE 4 spread page on the missionaries here in Espoo, Finland. It's awesome that we're getting some more exposure! It was all very positive and informative and really helping the work move forward!

Well, Sunday we sang in church in Finnish. Sounds intimidating, but I loved it :) The ward just gets some sort of excitement from seeing the missionaries up there and It's awesome :)

Well I want to wish Allyson a special happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! 
I love you and I miss you all so much! Sorry this is short, but the work's gotta go on here in Jyväskylä! We've got a great week planned this week and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Stay awesome you all :)

Sisar Crandall

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