Monday, May 12, 2014

Tender Mercies and Miracles - A normal week in the life of a missionary

Well, I just skyped with everyone yesterday and it was amazing! So, not a lot of new things to tell you all, but just a cool story or two.

We found a new investigator this week! His name is R and he's from Peru! He's here working in the embassy as a chef. We were on the tram with him and then the driver came over the loud speaker and said the the route was changed today and if you were going a certain way, you should get off at this stop. So he turned around and asked "umm, what did they just say?" So I told him and he said thanks and we just started talking with him. It turns out that he lives on the same street as the church and since we were walking to the church, we ended up walking home with him. We mentioned  to us how he was trying to learn Finnish so we said we have a class every Tuesday night and he said he'd come! And he did! So on Tuesday he learned some Finnish and met the Elder and it went great! Then, on Wednesday we came to institute! He came to the dinner that the wonderful YSA couple makes before and then they were studying Ether 6 and 12. So we whipped out a Libro de Mormon and he joined right in! He was making comments and discussing faith and how it's an action word and everything. Man, I have never seen anyone just "get it" as much as he does. Then, we had an AWESOME lesson on Saturday. He had heard about the church a LOT in Peru, but had never read the Book of Mormon. He committed himself to read and pray about it and at one point even said "yeah, how can I say no to something I haven't tried? The least I can do is give this a chance" YES! That's seriously all we're ever asking people to do - just EXPERIMENT on the word. And everything just clicked with him. And then he started talking about how he wants the WHOLE "Mormon experience" He said he wants to come to fhe and the language class and institute and meet the members and come to church and everything! He said if he's going to give this a chance, then he wants to see the whole picture. It was awesome! It was the coolest thing to see someone actually have the DESIRE to know if this is true instead of just being dragged along by the missionaries. They're out there everybody. I promise.

On Tuesday we met with our investigator B and she now has a baptismal date! Yay! She's known everything about the gospel for a while and just finally made the decision! She's really excited to be baptized because her life is pretty crazy right now and she knows how much the Gift of the Holy Ghost will be able to bless her life. So yeah, she's doing awesome and progressing as well.
Okay, another cool story. So, on Wednesday we were just on a tram on the way to an appointment and a girl with crazy piercings and some dreds and this cool looking purple scarf sat across from me and I just smiled and said "moi" and so she said "Moi" back and that was about the end of our conversation. I didn't think much of it, because as missionaries we pass people on the street or on the bus or the trams and our entire conversation is "Moi." But then, later that night we were on our way to meet our investigator R for institute and she was on our tram again! We RARELY see the same person twice and it's NEVER happened in the same day so I thought, "This has GOT to be a sign" So I went to talk to her and I just said "Hei, you were on the tram this morning" And she said "Yeah, I remember you, you're the one who said Moi" That one sentence literally made my entire week. I've never really ran into someone that I've said hi to before so I've never been able to see the effect of it, but it's there! So she told me she thought about why I would say hi to her and if she knew me from somewhere because it was so "epätavallinen" "uncommon" And then she got off the tram! So sorry, no new investigator or baptismal date or something, but I think it was just a tender mercy that I really needed. I needed to remember that just by reaching out and making someone smile we're helping them feel and see the Light of Christ. And I've been praying to run into her again so hopefully the Lord will help our paths cross!

Then, on Thursday I had the chance to go to the temple. It was amazing as usual. It was Sisar Johnston's and Sisar Woods' first time in Finland so that was special. And there were some kids from BYU there as well that we got to talk to. The session was also in Russian so I had to wear a translator (into Finnish) the whole time, but that's okay, the gospel is true in any language :)
Also on Thursday we met with our investigator V. We had an awesome member come with us, one she hadn't met yet, and it went great! She was super nervous and unsure about her baptismal date and doesn't feel prepared because she hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon a lot or coming to church. She does pray about it though, and says it feels right. So we were struggling to figure out what we could teach to help her understand this concept. So we went over the Plan of Salvation and HOW we can take part in this plan eli, Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. And she got it! She said she wanted to push back her baptismal date, but she finally understands what this could all mean if it were true! So she committed herself to reading the Book of Mormon and she's progressing right along!

Saturday night was the adult session of stake conference and then Sunday was the normal session. Of course, it was awesome. We had Elder Hans Boom from Holland come to speak to us as well as a lot of youth and members of the Stake Presidency. My favorite thing that Elder Boom said was "Have we forgotten how joyful it is to reach out to others?" The gospel is joyful everybody! There are some awesome things happening here in Finland everyone.
Well, that's about it for my week! I do want to say I few things about my mom though. She is amazing. There's no way to even start describing her. I feel like one of the stripling warriors who received so much strength and support from their moms. And I've never had a doubt in my mind that my mom has a testimony. No, she never sat me down and said "I'd like to bear my testimony..." or anything like that, but I've seen her study her scriptures every day of my life and attend the temple weekly. I've seen her make a priority our of her family and family night and always keeping the Sabbath Day holy. So I KNOW she knows this church is true. She's taught me more than she can ever understand and I'm so grateful for her example and testimony in my life. I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Sisar Crandall


Me in front of the TuomonKirkko (Thomas' Church is how that translates I think)
Sisar Johnston and I at the temple
Sisar Johnston, me, Sisar Woods, and Sisar Bunting
Running into a friend from BYU at the temple

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