Monday, May 26, 2014

The Highs and Lows of Mission Life

Family and Friends,

Well first off, big shout out to Camille for GRADUATING! I'm so proud! Sorry I missed it, but you just looked so good and so happy in all the pictures! Way to go :)
So, on to our week.

Well, this week again had some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. We started the week off GREAT with 3 lessons with a member present! Yay! And then on Wednesday we had our super solid investigator who was progressing towards baptism text us saying she didn't want to be baptized anymore or investigate the church and that she was satisfied with her relationship with God right now. HUGE bummer. Sisar Johnston and I were pretty upset and wondering what we did wrong, or what we could've done better and how in the world can we get our teaching pool back up. So, we decided to fast on Thursday. So we had some great companionship study and talked a lot about it and then started our fast. Then, first things Thursday morning, The Elders called telling us that President wanted to interview our whole district today. PERFECT timing. A talk with the mission president was what I needed right then. So I went into this interview thinking I was going to talk to him about finding and agency and all these other things we were struggling with and when he asked me if I had any questions, I realized that I didn't. Of course we have ups and downs and things don't always go how WE as missionaries have planned it, but it'll ALWAYS go how the LORD has planned it. So after a minute or two I realized I didn't really have any questions. I know PMG, I know the lessons, I know what I need to be doing and how to do it, so now I just need to get to work! This week I kinda had enough with the planning and talking and discussing about how to do missionary work and just went back to the basics. We could've sat inside and talked about different finding techniques and what not or we could've gone outside and just talked to everyone! So that's what we did! We hit a record number of lessons taught for this companionship and found 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS this week! That's more than a lot of previous weeks combined... The Lord really is willing to bless us when we consecrate our efforts. 

One of those investigators was a former that we've been trying to get in contact with for forever! So we went to stop by her apartment and she wasn't home ;( So we started there and hit the Less Active and potentials who lived near by and then ran into her and her son on their way home! So we went in and taught her a lesson and picked her up as an investigator and the whole family is coming to the ward activity! Yes! That was the perfect way to end our Thursday day of fasting.

The second investigator came yesterday just in the nick of time just by talking to everyone and we have an appointment on Tuesday! Can't wait!

We've also been working a lot of getting our investigators in church and are now brainstorming ideas for that. So yeah, just one problem at a time and the work will keep moving forward no matter what, I promise. I once had a District Leader tell me a quote from someone that went like that "If the gospel wasn't true, missionaries would've messed it up years ago" How true that is. So no matter how imperfect I am, the work will go on and I'll just be there to aid it the best I can. 

So yes, lots of stressful things this week and lots of intense studies. Sisar Johnston and I were able to unwind a little bit by going to the National Museum this week with the other sisters and two of the senior missionaries so that was a lot of fun. Not much else happened this week. Tonight is the ward dessert competition activity night and we have about 10 non members or less actives who have told us they're coming so we're super excited! And of course Sisar Johnston and I are competing so I'll letcha know how that goes! Our district leader is also going home sick ;( So there's a picture of our whole district attached. I'll letcha know about all the changes in our district next week, but for the time being our district leader in Elder Smith from Mesa Arizona! Gotta love those Mesa kids. Oh, also, next week (June 2-5) Is Interim training for all the trainees and trainers which means that I will be emailing on SUNDAY. So sorry if that throws off your schedule, but I'll email after church (around 1 here) So I won't see your email until the next week if it comes after that.
Well, overall this week went great! Nothing to complain about really. Thank you for all your love and support and I hope everyone enjoys their last few days of school! I love you!

Sisar Crandall

Neitsytpolku District
Cafe trips with a Recent Convert Gisel (okay to publish this one)
Giantest Cinnamon Roll ever - it was delicious btw.
Hanging out in Downtown Helsinki with Gisel :)

​Sisar Woods, Bunting, Johnston and I at the National Museum of Finland
Sisar Johnston and I at the museum
Beautiful sun at about 10 pm. Gotta love Finland.

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