Monday, December 1, 2014

HE is the GIFT!

Well everyone, What a week! So much to tell you! Thanksgiving and my birthday were wonderful! I had a very American Macaroni and Cheese on Thursday with my companion, chocolate chip pancakes and a thanksgiving dinner on Friday (made by Sisar Watson) and then a full blown thanksgiving dinner on Saturday at a member's house! Other things that happened this week:
-Was asked to give a talk in church right before it started. Used to freak me out, but now I'm used to it.
-Found 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS (I'll tell you how below)
-Got to see both Sisar Howell and Sisar Johnston when I was down in Helsinki
-Did language study with 2 less active members!
-Had a relief society christmas party. It was a Filipino and Finnish party and the food was great!
-Got to go to the temple on my birthday and see the 2nd new film! So cool! 

Okay now I'll just skip to the most important things.

On Friday we had MLC at President's house in Helsinki and it basically changed the way I do missionary work. Kinda wish I would've had some of these realizations about 17 months ago... but now that I get it, Sisar Dixon and I will be focusing on working with the sisters and applying all that we can over the next month! Basically I just haven't had enough faith that EVERY SINGLE PERSON I talk to will accept this message and be baptized. But not anymore!! After MLC on Friday, Sisar Dixon and I went out and talked, literally, to EVERYONE. As we were waiting at a bus stop with about 8 people, we talked to every one! And then once we got on the bus, I think we each moved 3-4 times to talk to every person on the bus! It probably looked comical to some people, but it's working!! I've always been passionate about missionary work, but this week just lit that on fire!! Why you may ask? Well it all comes back to this "He is the gift" video. 
If you haven't seen it yet, it's the new initiative put on by the church. SO GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! 

So Sisar Dixon and I are trying to get every single person in Tampere to see this video. We decided to completely change our mindset and just go out and talk with everyone and expect that everyone was going to accept the message. It changed the way we did missionary work. In just 3 hours we taught 8 lessons, found 2 new investigators (and a really sweet potential investigator who IS going to call me), went and taught our investigator, and gave out 25 pass along cards with the "He is the gift" video on it and every single person said they would watch it. It was a pretty miraculous day.
And one of the bigger problems here in Finland is that every single person we go and try to talk to has head phones in and is listening to music and scrolling through facebook. It does not matter if the person is 85 or 5. EVERYONE has a smart phone and EVERYONE has headphones in. It's really annoyed me in the past, but this week we turned it to our advantage :)

We go up to someone and ask them "Hey, is that a smart phone?" Duh it always is. "So does it have youtube on it?" Yes. it always does. "Hey well I came all the way from American to tell you about this video. It's about 3 minutes long and the bus comes in about 7 minutes so you should watch it." And they kinda look at us confused... but then they pull it up! And watch it right then and there! I mean, it'd be easier if we were in a mission with an Ipad, but we make do! We've had some interesting contacts, but the video is so uplifting and about Christ that no one has ever regretted watching it. And then they agree to let us come back and tell them more!! We've only done this for ONE day and it's been amazing! So, point of this story is: Go watch the video. Share it with everyone on facebook. Post it through twitter. Email the link to everyone. and then INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO LEARN MORE. 

It really is such a special time to be testifying of the Savior and the true gift of Christmas. 
So just remember everyone. HE IS THE GIFT. 

I love you all so much! I'm grateful this season for the opportunity to be a missionary and I hope you all have a great December!

Sisar Crandall


Our own thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Mac and Cheese and a salad :)
Thanksgiving Dinner in Helsinki with President and Sisar Watson
Back with Sisar Hubner and Nielsen

I got a package from Justin and Ally . . . and we made turkeys!
Finland temple at night
Gingerbread house from the Young Women

Best birthday cake ever made by Sisar Howell!

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