Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Eternity and a Day!

Hello there!
Well I've now been at the mtc for three weeks and it seems like an eternity and a day all at the same time!
This week was great. For the 4th of July we got to watch 17 miracles (highly recommend) And then we got ice cream and sat on the lawn watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks. It's pretty cool that they let 3400 missionaries all do that. Then the rest of this week was pretty normal. We have a Finnish lesson basically every day and it's getting bumped up to twice a day soon. Its a lot of preparation but it's sure making the Finnish come fast! We now do SYL (Speak your language) days where we can only talk in Finnish the whole day. Everyone's a lot quieter, but then we are surprised how much we all really know!  I'm surprised how easy it is for me to remember vocab and how I accidentally say the Finnish words around the Spanish elders and then am confused as to why they dont understand because I dont even realize I do it! Dont get me wrong, Finnish is extremely difficult, but for some reason I'm not overwhelmed by it or anything and am progressing really well. its so nice when were in a lesson and the investigator answers one of our questions and I know I've never heard a single word he said before, but somehow I know exactly what he said.  It's pretty sweet.
Our investigators are really our teachers and sometimes they like to make us answer really difficult questions because they know the answers are really hard to say in Finnish. This week my teacher made me say 1820 in Finnish (Its like 50 letters long) and he just smirked as I struggled through it because I had been trying to say it all day and couldn't. So yeah they think they're funny, but really its a blessing that they push us. He also asked a very specific question about the fall of Adam because he knew I didn't know the word for fall. But I sure learned it after that lesson!
I also ran into an Elder Wright from Monticello who is friends with Kevin and Chris Webb so if you read this, he says hi!
We got a bunch of new Albanians and new Hungarians in our zone this week so now were up to 55 missionaries! I think that's a lot but I'm not sure compared to the other branches. We speak 4 different languages so all of our church meetings are in English but its cool being around each other. I can now say hello in Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, and Albanian! its crazy how all these missionaries are going to be all over the world in just a month or so!
Oh and congrats to Camille and her awesome AP scores! Following after her big sisters I see! Oh and I ran into Elder Sellers (Dylbot) A really good friend from BYU so that was super fun!
Well, on another random side note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Of course I didn't forget! So everyone wish my dear mother a happy birthday on Monday okay? Okay good.
This letter is kinda shorter than normal, but I just wanna say thanks for all the wonderful love and support ive received! I think every member of my family writes me every week and its so awesome and i just love it! I also got some really nice notes from Suzanne, Aunt Roxanne, and Grandma Webb and lots of others so thank you so much! A mission is much more enjoyable when youre not doing it alone.

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