Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 5 has Flown By!

Terve! Hei! Moi!

Yep, there are a billion ways to say hello and I just love it! So now I've been here over 5 weeks. Which means that in 3 weeks from Monday I'll be on a plane to Finland! Its super crazy to think about! I speak to a Finnish sister here (like she's actually from Finland) and sometimes it freaks me out and other times it motivates be, so I'm just excited to see what it'll be like to get into the field!
This week was pretty much the same. We got to teach TRC on Thursday and it was great just talking in Finnish with some RMs and sharing a scripture or something and really working on our small talk Finnish instead of our gospel lesson Finnish. Sometimes I don't know simple phrases like "How are you?" But I can teach all about the resurrection. So yeah, I've been working on non-religious Finnish this week and it's been coming along pretty well. On Monday I did kinda what's called a concentration day where I didn't say a single word of English the entire day. And you know what? Somehow, I got along just fine! My companion had to translate sometimes when I would speak to MTC workers or other non Finnish missionaries, but you really are surprised with how much you know when your limited vocabulary is all you're allowed to say! So the language is coming slowly but steadily and I'm very greatful for that. I'm now at the point where things like Thank you and You're Welcome and Hello only come out of my mouth in Finnish and then I sit there confused for a sec as to why the person I said it to didn't know what I said. I mean come on, doesn't everybody speak Finnish?? Well they will in about 3 weeks when I'm in Finland!!
Other than the language, nothing much changes from week to week here at the MTC. All of my 6 week friends who came when I did leave on Monday and so we're all super sad to say good bye to them. But after Monday we'll officially be the oldest people at the MTC! Oh and this week I jammed my finger pretty bad playing basketball. And since there's no doctor here at west campus, I wore this dumb make shift splint for a couple days until it stopped hurting and the swelling went down. And of course it was on my middle finger so I spent those days trying not to flip people off since that's not very missionary like... But this is nothing compared to mom's injury! Is that your first time getting stitches?? I want a picture! Dang our family gets hurt way too much.

(Kathryn with Elder Heiner)

Well the house and the ward sound awesome. All of the kids told me about how much they all love the creek and playing outside and just enjoying Utah's not hot summers. All of the little girls have also asked me how many boyfriends I have here at the MTC... Yeah I'm not sure they quite understand what a mission is yet...But it makes me and my district all laugh so that's okay :)
Well this week our district has really been focusing on patience, which is not an easy thing let me tell you... Our district is only 6 sisters in a classroom together for like 10 hours a day and sometimes tensions can get pretty high. But we have 2 amazing teachers who always remind us why we're there and why we're on missions and with our goal of patience, we all get along great :)
On P-days (Today) We get to go to main campus and eat and we absolutely love it. We all think that food is heavenly! So if any of my friends at Main Campus ever complain about the food just send them to West Campus where our cafeteria is a pool house. I'm fine with the food here, but we only get to go through the line once. Which means that all the Elders and all the Sisters here get the same amount of food. And I eat my entire plate so I can only imagine how some of the Elders feel, but hey, at least they won't gain weight here in the MTC!
Also shout out to my Companion's mom, Sister Howell, who sent me brownies this week (Of course my companion ate them too). I've loved getting all the letters and Dear Elders and I just feel so much love and support from everyone it's amazing :) I also forgot to mention that I did get the family pictures a while ago and I absolutely loved them! Ya'll are so good at keeping me updated on everything its great :) Minä Rakastan Teitä tosi paljon! (I love you all so much!)
Sisar Crandall

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