Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 6


Well I've now been in the MTC for over 6 weeks now, which is a pretty long time in mission time. This week a lot of fun and exciting things happened so this email might be all over the place but I gotta type fast so here goes.

So on Thursday we taught TRC where we teach other people who play themselves (not investigators) We taught about how the scriptures can be so inspiring and so we all shared our favorite scriptures (In Finnish of course) and then they shared theirs and it was just a really cool lesson. One of the ones I shared was Romans 8:31. Very inspiring. Go look it up.

On Saturday I kinda got dumped on with a lot of new Finnish grammar. And they told us we'd be learning new grammar concepts up until the day we left so I felt a little bit overwhelmed. So I sat down and made a goal to not be overwhelmed by this and take it one baby grammar principle at a time. I study the little vocab book I carry around with my constantlly and we're now up to 4 All Finnish days a week. (Our last week here we have concecration week where there's no english so we're practicing for that) It's hard when I see my friends and have to have my companion translate everything I say, but it's way fun! I also literally have to sit down and just read from this huge grammar book as often as I can to try to grasp the concepts, but I must say it's still coming along great. Obviously very difficult, but never impossible when I keep in mind that I'm doing the Lord's work. My English is getting a little messed up though. Like in Finnish you have to ask questions from people, so in English I sometimes catch myself saying "Yeah I'll just go ask from my teacher" And It sounds weird, but my brain is being rewired so there's bound to be some mistakes! Oh and in Finnish every adjective just adds er or est to the end so in english i've started saying beautifuller (Instead of more beautiful) and making up words all the time but I love it!

Well on Sunday we had our typical Sunday night devo and guess who spoke?? Uncle John and Aunt Cheryl!! Pretty cool huh?? They gave some awesome and inspiring talks and I really wanted to go up and hug them but I'm at West Campus so I only see it broadcasted... But it was really nice seeing some family, even if it was just extended. Every Sunday night we get to watch movies but since I'm at west, there aren't very many options so I've seen Legacy, the testaments, and Bednar's talk "The Character of Christ" multiple times. But I still love them all every time!

Tuesday nights we get to go to a devotional at the Marriot Center and here's where I get to see most of my friends from main campus. I sing in the choir at the devo, but that's not saying mucch since the choir literally has more people in it than the rest of the audience does, and I love it!

This week a lot of my dear friends who I've been with constantly at every meal and gym time left (they were 6 weekers) so that's what a lot of the pictures are.

So since I'm at West campus, our cafeteria has been a make shirt pool house cafeteria and its kinda funny i think. I've had cereal every day for breakfast since I've been on a mission because there is no other option. but I love it! (Mom, they even have Blueberry Muffin Cereal!) I also grab a banana and throw some peanut butter on it or something so don't worry, i'm eating plenty. The new cafeteria opened today though actually, but its still the same food until next week (Yep cereal again this morning) The head cafeteria manager guy is our best friend and sneaks us nutella to put on our bagels or rolls or whatever and gives us food and sends our family pictures. His name is Chris Justice (We all call him Chief Justice) and he's awesome. Those little things make a big difference on a mission.

Well on Monday we had gym, like usual, but it just poured! And since there's no indoor gym option at west and there wasn't any lighting, all of us got to keep playing in it! Basketball in the rain is awesome! That's seriously been one of the funnest days at the MTC so far.

Well life is great and I absolutely can't wait to get out into the field in about 3 and a half weeks! Mission life is awesome and I'm so thankful for all the love and support I constantly feel from home and from my awesome friends on missions! I love you all!
Sisar Crandall

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