Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013 -- One Whole Month!

Hello there!
Well I've now officially been on a mission for one whole month! And that's just a crazy thought to me! Seriously though. In just 17 short months I'll be flying home to SLC and probably crying the whole way. Just thinking about it makes me try and work harder becuase I realize that time here flies by when youre immersed in the work! And I just love it!
Well this week was a pretty typical one at the MTC. The Finnish is coming along surprsingly well (Okay not that surprisingly well considering the gift of tongues is real). I've come to learn that Finnish is such a cool language! Tons of words in the language are compound words and it's so cool putting them together! Almost like a puzzle! Like the word for schedule is time board and the word for missionary is sent preacher and everything is just awesome! Also the word for charity and love are the same! How cool is that! Were now up to teaching two finnish lessons a day! One to our teachers and one to another sister missionary who plays as an investigator (theres not many people to practice finnish on). This means that I also get to play the investigator which is pretty cool sometimes! funny story. While I was in the room waiting for the missionaries to come teach me, they knocked on the door., And since I was so used to being the missionary and not the investigator I just knocked back! It took us a couple seconds just sitting there until we both busted out laughing and figured we were better missionaries than investigators. We also get to teach a lesson to a member every Thursday in TRC. usually its RMs who come in and we teach them and can practice giving lessons like we would after a dinner appointment or something. It's pretty cool but kinda intimidating because we cant just teach the basics like we can with the investigators but it's still fun and I love it!
Every Friday here we get Papa Johns pizza and it's like the best thing in the world. Everyone goes around shouting PIZZA PERJANTAI (Pizza friday) and its awesome. The little things mean a lot on a mission. Speaking of, Thanks so much for all the letters and the package! Shout out to my mom for sending my homemade bread and homemade jam! I ate it for literally every meal for a couple days and all my district had some as well and it was delicious!
Well I heard that Rhett and Savanna sang and played in church and I heard it was awesome! Good job guys! I'm so proud of you! And dad suggested that you guys do it again at my homecoming so keep practicing!
Well I hope you had a wonderful birthday mom! And that the move and everything went smoothly! Let me know how you like the ward and everything. I'm sending some pics now, but they take a while so sorry if I have to send them in like a billion emails. I'm also super jealous of the family all going to the reunion in VA without me! Send my love and hugs to everyone there!
Other than this, not much is new! I play speed at gym everyday and beat everyone as expected... There's this elder here who can sing all of the countries in the world in one song (kinda like 50 nifty untied states) and its pretty cool so he keeps us entertained. We practice our Finnish constantly and have days where we can only speak Finnish about 3 times a week now. Our last week here is going to be ONLY FINNISH So i getting ready for that!
Thank you so much for the wonderful Dear Elders and letters of support and love! I love all of you and I'm just excited to get to Finland! Only one more month left here in the MTC! I hope all is well and Im praying for you all! (In Finnish I might add). Stay awesome! Minä Rakastan Teitä!
Sisar Crandall

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