Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Great Week!

Wow wow wow! I don't even know where to start! 

Well this week was sure one of ups and downs (as I'm sure most weeks are as a missionary) It started off normal with P-day and a visit to the Panda Factory (pictures to come). Then, on Wednesday we traveled to Tampere for zone conference and miraculously took the correct train both there and back by ourselves. I know you're probably all thinking that's easy, but this is the first time it's happened in a while so we were grateful for that!

Then, the rest of the week we got pretty busy! Here are the main stories of what happened:
So we have this film producer of a neighbor who is extremely busy, but super willing to meet. He has a cute little family with two sons and is seriously just so golden. So after struggling for weeks to set up an appointment with him and stopping by and talking to his wife and texting and everything, we were kinda discouraged. I mean, come one, no one's too busy for the gospel. So, we decided we'd do something unheard of for a Finn. We decided to make them dinner. So we went to the store and got some random ingredients and ended up making a lasagna and garlic bread and some hot chocolate and bringing it over to them. We just left it on their doorstep with a note that said "We know you're busy, so we saved you some time, and we'd like to reserve it for ourselves. Call us." (Something along those lines, idk it was in Finnish) So then we rang the door bell and ran away. It's weird how much of missionary work is taking cookies to people or bread  or heart attacking or just things like that (we did all of those things this week), So then we got a very long text about 10 minutes later and it was awesome! He was so apologetic for being so busy and wanted to know when he could come return our pan and it was awesome. So, the next day, we ran into him and he gave us our pan back and he invited us over for dinner and to meet the whole family! So, although it isn't the traditional way of tracting, it worked! We knew we had to do something drastic to show this family that they really do need this gospel, no matter how busy they are. So it was a great reminder to us that no matter how busy you may seem, things really work out when you put the Lord first. 

Okay, second story: 
On Saturdays we still go over and do service and I tutor in trigonometry. It's coming along pretty well, but everytime I go over there I realize how many English words (especially math words) I've forgotten because I haven't had to use them in months! I was trying to describe the Quadratic Equation to him in English (he speaks really good english) and couldn't think of any of the words! we finally had to google it, so I could remember what it was. So yeah, my everyday english is still fine, but anything beyond that is debateable. We also had the experience with that family of not being able to remember the word Excuvator. And the family only knew the work in German so that didn't help at all... But once again we just googled it and everyone had a big laugh about it. Well anyway, that wasn't the main part of the story. The cool part was after this service, we got to sit down and have lunch with the entire family (including the husband who we had barely met before) and had a nice discussion and invited them to come to young mens activities and meet the elders and it was awesome. So, slowly, but surely, the Lord is softening the hearts of those we come in contact with.

K, last story.
Saturday night we had an appointment with our investigator who used to be a former investigator and recently just started meeting with the missionaries again. She's an awesome lady with a really cute 5 year old son we all love. Well anyway, On Saturday night we invited her to be baptized, and she accepted! She has such incredible faith and is just super busy working on here doctrate. So, once again we testified of how if she puts the Lord first, we know she'll receive an answer to the truthfulness of this message. So she's preparing to be baptized next month!

So overall, I'm doing great :) Lots of ups and downs this week with some discouraging cancelled appointments and missed buses, but I always just remember this quote given to me by a good friend from Gordon B Hinckly "The best cure for worry is work..." So I just put my mittens and headband and hat and scarf and tights and socks and leggings and socks again and boots and skirt and cardigan and jacket and coat on and get back out there! (not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea) P.s. I was told "winter" was coming this week. Not sure what that means, but I'll let you know! 

Oh and p.s. an Elder here in our ward in Jyväskylä just came home from his mission in Mesa! It was great hearing his homecoming talk and being reminded of home!

Thank you so much for the wonderful letters and tons of emails I got this week! I'll write back to you all (my siblings) today don't worry! (Oh I'm also going to Turku tomorrow for exchanges so lots of writing time on my train rides!) Stay safe and know I'm praying for you all! I love you!

Sisar Crandall

 (Love the Sunset!)

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