Monday, October 7, 2013

Jyväskylä is way better than Helsinki...

Hope all is going well at home!  I was so extremely happy to hear of Hyrum's birth! I loved all of the pictures so much! And I get home right in time to become the favorite aunt again! perfect :)

Well this past week, Sunday through Friday, I was in Helsinki for Interim training and Language School. President Rawlings met with us and we talked a lot about how to improve our area and where we're going as a mission. It was very inspiring. I learned a lot from role playing inviting investigators to be baptized and I'm excited to go implement it all this week! Zone conference about a week and a half ago was great and I have another one this week in Tampere, so lots of traveling! We've only taken the wrong bus 50 times and the wrong train 2 so yeah, we're slowly figuring it out... But we've met some amazing people on those trains/buses so I guess it's all in the Lord's timing! 

Other than that, not a ton is new, I know I say that often, but it's hard to have a bunch of new stories when you're out of your area all week. There's still this family that we go and do service for every Saturday and I'm still tutoring their son in Trigonometry. It's going fairly well and he has a huge test coming up (Much like an AP test) So hopefully he won't fail! haha He'll do great. 

Well we had the opportunity to watch Conference this weekend! Best weekend ever! It started off by going to the mall and getting Conference Candy (mission tradition) and watching the Relief Society sessions and then Sat morning. Then,on Sunday, we watched Sat afternoon and sun morning. I haven't had the chance to watch Sun afternoon yet because it's already Monday here so hopefully I can read/watch it soon! I love Elder Uchtdorf's talk as well as Elder Dube and Elder Nielsen! Wow Missionary work is sure going forth and I love it! People back home ask me all the time what I need or what they can do to help. Really, the most help anyone could be to me, is to support your own missionaries back home. Call them up and let them know you're available to hold lessons or give a ride to church or anything! It makes such an incredible difference when we know we can count on a member. So get in contact with them ASAP! It's the least you can do.

So. all is well here in good old Finland. It's already snowed a couple times so of course we went out and bought some ice cream so there are some pictures of that. I wear tights/leggings everyday and usually a hat too so sorry if I look goofy in some of the pictures, it's the only way to stay warm! I'm also going to the Panda Factory today and I'm very excited! Panda is a huge chocolate manufacturing company so we've been making Willy Wonka jokes all day and the Elders in our district are sick of it, but I love it!

Oh! And I almost forgot! I got a package this week! Thanks Dad!! The best part by far was the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. Wow I did not realize how much I missed those. Of course I'm fine without them, but for some reason it's the little things that help :) So thanks everyone for sending your love and support! I got letters from Camille and Mom so I'll be writing home again today! And congrats again to Melissa and Joseph! I love you too!
Sisar Crandall

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