Monday, June 30, 2014

Kesäkuu is coming to an end...

Dear family and friends,

Wow so much has happened this week and for some reason I can't remember any of it so we'll see how long this email is.

Well, transfers were this week and since we're now the closest apartment to the mission office, we had 2 sisters staying with us Tuesday night. Sister Curtis and Sister Schellenberg! Both sisters were with me in the MTC so we had a little too much fun talking and catching up but we loved it!

There is a senior couple here named the Thelins and on Tuesday their granddaughters were here on vacation and we got to go on splits with them! So we went contacting in the park and to a couple of lessons and to visit less actives and just showed them what a day in the life of a Finland Helsinki missionary would be like. 
Wednesday was pretty normal. language study with our member friend and she taught us some way cool Finnish phrases and figures of speech. Now I can actually start sounding like a Finn :) 

Thursday was way fun! We had a movie night so our investigator with a baptismal date could meet a bunch of the YSA. We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration and it went so well! I think about 10 people ended up being there so she's basically part of the ward now :) Oh we also had District Meeting today and got to meet our new Sister! Sister Dowd! She's serving with Sister Woods (the other sister companionship in our ward) And we're super excited to get to work with them! I always love meeting new missionaries. Speaking of new missionaries... I walk into the mission office today to email and guess who's there?! President and Sister Rawlings and President and Sister Watson! The change takes effect tomorrow so we're super excited for that! we have a "Meet the President" Zone conferenceon Thursday so I didn't think I'd get to see him until then, but here he is! 

Friday we had a miracle story. This less active we've been trying to work with forever called and invited us over to make dumplings! Hehe so we made dumplings with her. And now we actually have a really good relationship with her and were able to teach her roommate a lesson and it just went so well!

Saturday was so cool! So we got a call on Thursday saying that somebody in Tazmania wanted to talk to us... uhh okay! So I pick up the phone and it ended up being two elders there who are teaching a Finnish foreign exchange student girl who had some questions about the church here in Finland and really just wanted to talk to finns and Finnish missionaries about it. So we got to skype her on Saturday! She's 16 so we had our young women's leader with us and we got to talk to her and answer all her questions and it went really well! Just another example that this gospel is true wherever you go :)

Sunday was an awesome day as well! Our investigator with a baptismal date has been a little scared to be baptized, but she just learned about priesthood blessings and we offered her one to help with her nerves. and she accepted! So Sunday morning before church the elders were able to give her a blessing. And then she stayed for sacrament meeting and loved it! So everything is going well with her! The third hour of Sunday School was also combined and bishop taught an awesome lesson about missionary work and really got the members excited! So I can't wait to see how this week will go! We've been spending a lot of time planning our ward's 4th of July party and inviting members to invite their friends so hopefully it'll all go over well! (No, Finns do not celebrate the 4th of July... but there are a LOT of Americans here so we're doing it anyway).

Well, that's my week! This week we've got lots of changes and goals and plans and I just can't wait for the rest of this transfer! I love you all! Happy 4th of July! Thank you so much for all your emails and letters and love! It's so appreciated :)
Sisar Crandall

the district and Gisel in an elevator with some lovely elevator guitar music provided by Elder Downs

the sky at midnight

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