Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July and Sunday School

Hello family! Sorry I have like zero time today but here's what happened this week:
We mainly focused on planning and making our 4th of July party a success! And it was! We had a TON of non members and less actives and investigators there and of course, all the Americans came. Bishop came with his grill and we had potato salad and smores and all the works! The Finns absolutely loved it.

On the way home from the party we got a call asking if we could teach Sunday School on Sunday... Sure! So Sisar Johnston quickly learned all the vocab to teach about Rehobeam and jerobeam (those are their Finnish names...) and false gods and gold statues and it went really well! So that was a little tender mercy for the week.

Okay, now onto the big news. our investigator is getting baptized!! Her name is H and she's 25 and she's awesome! Her service is on the 19th of July and I can't wait! She's seriously so cool. So yeah, I'll tell you more about that when I have the time.

Also, WE GOT A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT! His name is President Watson and we got to meet him at zone conference on Thursday! It was basically just a get to know you zone conference and he's coming around to interview us all this week so that'll be fun! K sorry, I gotta run, I'm on a laptop today so it's super slow, but look out for some letters! I love you all!
Sisar Crandall
Goodbye Elder and Sister London :(

District and Gisel on 4th of July

God bless America

We have too much fun...

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