Monday, July 21, 2014


Dear Family and friends!

Well this week was probably literally the highest point and the lowest point on my mission so far. Crazy how that happens. Well, I've already forgotten all of the bad stuff, so here's the good stuff! 

H GOT BAPTIZED!! It was such a great week for her! It started on Tuesday when we had the baptismal interview and she passed with flying colors :) She was so ready. And then we met with her on Friday and that experience was even cooler. She met with us and with our new investigator K and she was able to testify about how she received her answer and how she knows "varmasti" that this church is true. Earlier this week I already didn't have a doubt that Hanna had a testimony, but just sitting there watching her tell someone else about it I almost teared up realizing that yes, she knows this is true. And she's never going to fall away from it. She's just so strong. 

And also on Friday night she told us that her parents might come to the service! We've been praying that their heart would be softened and that they'd support her decision (She'd still get baptized either way, but it was just something she wanted) and GUESS WHAT?!!! THEY CAME TO THE SERVICE ON SATURDAY! Both her mom and dad showed up in a dress and a suit and supported her the entire time. H looked SO beautiful in her white dress and her mom teared up a little bit and it was just amazing. So the service took place in Espoo actually (that's H's hometown) and lots of people showed up to support her. Elder Smith was able to baptize her and the Bishop's wife gave a talk about baptism and us and the Pasila sisters sang a musical number while Elder Downs was on guitar and it was just perfect. And then yesterday she got confirmed!! And SO many members came up and hugged her and welcomed her into the family and she just looked so happy! And after church she had a meeting with Bishop (just like a little more formal get to know you thing) and she came out and said "Guess what?! Bishop gave me a temple recommend!" haha okay! That's pretty fast but if she's ready then why not! So now we get to go do baptisms with her in the Helsinki Temple on Wednesday! We were already going to go as a district to the temple to do a session and now Sisar Johnston and I get to stay and do baptisms as well! We're so excited! 

ANOTHER HUGE MIRACLE! We have a LA who we've been working with a lot, but she has an anxiety disorder and physically can't leave her home very often. So we've just been working with her spiritually and praying that once she has the desire, it will overcome her physical anxiety. So we had a lesson this week and she said she's read one chapter of Mormons Bok (it's Swedish) every day this week and that she's going to pay her tithing too! I was so happy! So then I asked her if we could go to the store to get some ice cream to celebrate and she said "sure! Why not?!" So all 3 of us walked out of her house together! And we went down to the store to get some ice cream! IT WAS SO COOL! And then we sat down and taught her outside! Seriously, this was a HUGE step and I was so excited! And also, while we were sitting outside, we were able to talk to this couple from CA. The dad is Finnish and the mom American and they live under some Elders in CA. They're not members, but they went off about how amazing these two young men were and how much their little son loves them. So that was super cool to see too. And this all happened on Friday so that was an AMAZING DAY!

So I've already told you some of you this, but a couple of weeks ago we got a challenge from President to pray and fast about when our next baptism could take place in our area. So we prayed and fasted about it a lot and came up with the date of August 9th. So now we've been doing everything in our power to prepare our area for that date. We've been going hard at it for the past couple of weeks but now it's crunch time. With H getting baptized yesterday we're now able to focus 100% on our new investigators and bringing down these miracles. 

 But we currently don't have an investigator with a baptismal date and it's only 3 weeks away. So yesterday we fasted that we would be able to know everything that Sisar Johnston and I can do to fulfill our end of the promise and let the Lord do the rest. And we saw miracles! 7 lessons taught and a new investigator and a couple potentials!! A random guy just came up to me on the tram and sat down and said "let's chat." And we talked all about the Book of Mormon and we exchanged numbers and it was just kind of a surreal "Did that just really happen?" moment. But it's true what they say, People ARE prepared here and now the Lord is just placing them in our path. And then late last night the Elders called and gave us an awesome referral! I'm so excited to see the miracles that will come in the next couple of weeks! Sisar Johnston and I are really staying focused and consecrating ourselves to the work and I have faith that in the end, the Lord's plan will prevail. We're a part of a great work :)

Thank you so much for the emails and letters and love and support and prayers and for everything! I feel them all the time and it really helps. Have a wonderful week everybody :) I can't wait to tell you about all the amazing miracles we see this week! I love you!

Sisar Crandall

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