Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventures with Mom and Hyrum!

Hello family and friends!!

Such a good week! Here's how it went!

Well last Sunday we had a "get to know you fireside" with President and Sisar Watson. All the missionaries in the area as well as the members were invited. Since President and Sisar Watson don't know Finnish yet, they spoke in English and just had translators the whole time (something Finns are used to) but then at the end of Sisar Watson's talk she just look straight at the audience (or straight at me as it felt like) and said "Minä tiedän että tämä kirkko on totta. Minä tiedän että Jeesus on Kristus. Minä tiedan että hän elää" not gonna lie, I just started bawling like a baby. It's seriously impossible to not feel the spirit on simple truths of statement like that. Just wanted to share that with everyone. Finnish isn't a barrier as long as you know how to speak the language of the spirit. And let me tell you, our mission president's wife sure does!

Well then it was Monday! Our district went out to a cool island called Seurasaari (see picture) and then fhe with our bishop and investigator H! She's getting baptized on Saturday!! Yay! The bishop's wife is also a convert about 6 years ago and her family also didn't approve of her joining the church (just like H's family doesn't) So them talking really helped. It was awesome! 

Tuesday! What a great day! First, Sisar Johnston and I tried some Kebab (see picture)

And then the best thing ever happened! Tomorrow is my dear mother's birthday, so for her birthday, SHE CAME TO VISIT ME! Yep! This week my mom and my nephew Hyrum were here in Finland! Here's what we did:

Well, I first picked them up at the train station! (see picture)

Then, we had district meeting and an interview with President. So while we were waiting, we played some pool (see picture)

Wednesday was zone conference! Seriously one of the best ones of my mission. So we all took the elevator (see picture) to get on the bus (see picture) to go to Haaga! yay! 

The meeting was all about our call and our special time that we're set apart as servants of the Lord. They had us all re-read our call letters and holy cow that one got me crying again... We read Jeremiah 20:9 and about how we have such a huge desire to share the gospel that we can't possible stay quiet about it! It was so cool! And then we talked a lot about how the Lord has entrusted Sisar Johnston and I with his part of the vineyard here in downtown Helsinki. So what am I going to do with it? Well, I want to be able to say that I've done everything I possibly could. And present it to the Lord proudly (see 2 Nephi 15:4). And now I get the chance! 

We just found out the ELDER DAVID A. BEDNAR is coming to Finland! September 12th! We're all so stinkin' excited! So, just as I present my area to the Lord each night in prayer, I'll be able to present it to one of his apostles in just a couple of months. So cool. So yeah, We both left that meeting just filled with the fire of missionary work! 

So on the train ride home, I talked to this AWESOME girl named K and she became a new investigator! She asked some amazing questions like "How do you pray? Will someone talk back to me? How can I pray if I don't really believe in things?" So we talked all about prayer and faith and we're meeting again tomorrow! So cool! 

So that night we had another lesson with H! We met at the church and showed her the baptismal font and found her a baptismal dress and planned the service and everything! She's so excited and so ready! She even told her family this week that she was going to get baptized. They don't approve, but she's so strong (and she's 25 so she doesn't need their approval) And she says she feels a lot better now that she's not hiding or lying about anything. She's so cool!

On Friday we had exchanges! Sisar Cribbs who I served with in Jyväskylä came and joined our companionship for the day! We really focused on talking with everyone and finding some new investigators! H is awesome, but besides that our pool is pretty non-progressing... 

Then on Saturday we had a lot of fun together! We went and did service in a member's garden! (see picture) and then visited and helped out a LA member (see picture).

On Sunday we took a wonderful walk through the park on the way to church (see picture) and then enjoyed a beautiful sacrament meeting and sang some hymns (see picture).

Today (Monday) We went to Suomenlinna! We enjoyed the boat ride there (see picture) And had a lot of fun eating ice cream (see picture) and just seeing all the nature! And then we had fun looking at a map of where I live. (see picture)

So yes, a VERY fun and successful week! Seriously, one of the best of my mission so far and they just keep on getting better! We're super excited to keep talking to everyone and making all these potentials we've found investigators! H's baptism is on Saturday and we're super excited! I'll have pics next week for sure! 

So I just wanted to wish my mom a very happy birthday! And thanks for coming to visit me! It was a nice little piece from home :) Well I love you all! Thanks for your support and letters and emails and everything! This church is so true. I can see it change people's lives everyday and also my own life. I love coming out here and seeing people react when they hear simple truths like "You have a Father in Heaven who wants to hear from you." "You can pray to him every day and he WILL listen". THAT'S why I'm on a mission.
Love, Sisar Crandall

(4th of July Fun)

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