Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Great Week!

Hello family and friends! Well, lots going on this week!

It started off on Monday when we got to go to a play the Young Adults in the stake were putting on. MY TURN ON EARTH! haha I knew all the songs and honestly, I was just giddy watching it! The littlest entertainment becomes just AMAZING when you're a missionary. But really, it was a very well put on play and they're preforming it in a couple weeks at this huge YSA conference in Finland. We also had to put together 700 bead bookmarks for this festival so that took up some of our time this week, but overall, it was pretty fun!

Highlight of the week came on Wednesday!! First off, the district hit a session at the temple. Loved it. And then afterwards, we had THREE recent converts meet us at the temple to do baptisms! So cool! One of them was H who got baptized last week and the other ones were G and A who have gone before. It is the COOLEST thing to see them progress and just come out of the temple BEAMING! Seriously, they are so happy and smiling and you can just tell that everything is right. Another one of those out-of-body experiences where I just took a step back and watched them three helping each other figure everything out in the baptismal room and watching them explain and learn together and I just smiled. What a lucky occasion. Also, one other funny thing. There was a group of kids from Lithuania there doing baptisms too so we were able to be confirmed in Finnish, but the only person there baptizing was from Lithuania and didn't speak any Finnish and only a little English so we all got baptized in Lithuanian! Fun stuff! 
Other cool things that happened:

-we met with our new investigator N from Russia and brought the other Elders' investigator with us since she speaks Russian! So that was pretty cool! I figured we can help people realize they have a testimony of the church as soon as they start telling other people about it!

-we met with a LOT of less-actives this week and there are 3 that we're working with specifically that are SO CLOSE to being reactivated. I can see the light of the gospel come back into their lives and they're remembering how happy it can make them and I'm so excited!! Some awesome miracles are going to happen this week from that!

-We had a ward picnic on Saturday and got to play Football and Frisbee (thanks dad for the football!) It was fun to put on some basketball shorts are fun around for a bit.

-After the ward picnic we headed out to a baptism in Espoo! H wanted to attend a baptismal service that wasn't her own and our other recent convert G from the Philippines was speaking. So on the bus ride there we were asked to sing at the service. Yeah, no problem. But then we were told that it was in Tagalog... Uh slight problem. But not for the missionaries! We quickly learned some Tagalog and sang Ako Ay Anak Ng Diyos (I am a child of God) flawlessly. Okay there were major flaws but the spirit was still there so I consider it a success.

-Yesterday we met an American girl who's a member and is here in Finland for a bit and took her to church with us! And then when we got there, H said the prayer! yep she's doing great! So proud of her :) We also got asked to teach relief society next week and then we got to attend the Young Women's class for a special birthday party thing! hehe It's fun being a missionary. 

-Today we visited a Lutheran church called temppeliaukio which translates into "temple square" So I guess today we visited temple square. It's this big church that's in a rock. Pretty cool stuff. The other sisters and our new American friend and H all came with us. and then we hit up a Frozen Yogurt place that is a lot like Zoyo or Yogurtland, but a lot less options. And then we got to help clean out and set up the new family history center here at the church! It's been a busy P-day but we love it!

There was also this rally race thing going on and for some reason the track went like around our apartment. So the tram we take home wasn't running and it just felt like I was in the middle of a Nascar race. Not anything too exciting, but it was weird to hear music again. There's a pic from that as well.

Sisar Johnston and I are doing great! We just found out that my former companion, Sisar Curtis, gets to come stay with us with her companion for a few days in a couple weeks and I'm so excited! Besides that, we're still preparing hard for this August 9th date and we're excited to see what miracles can come from that! I've also been studying a lot about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and what that really means. I've been reading a lot in the book of Acts and I love it! Man they sure had a lot of faith and power. So that's currently what I'm working on.

Overall, everything's going well! We're just trying to find new investigators and follow the Lord's will for our area here. Sorry this letter was a lot about the random things I DID and not a lot about missionary work, but it really was super productive and busy! I love those weeks.. Well I love you all! Thank you for the love! Have a wonderful week!

Sisar Crandall

Us girls after baptisms
District at the temple
Me and Sisar Johnston
Me and H :)

In the rock church at temple square
All of us at the baptism of the Filipino. The one we sang in Tagalog at. Fun stuff!
Pics of the rally race thing
Frozen Yogurt!
Me and some more Frozen Yogurt

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